We offer IV Biologic Therapy at Evolve Health. Recent advancements in medicine and pharmaceutical science has given rise to a host of new drug treatments for a wide array of auto-immune and immune-mediated illnesses. Patients with a physician referral seeking improvement from chronic disease conditions can be treated in a supportive, patient friendly environment. We have a highly experienced medical team of physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses to facilitate these specialized IV therapies.

Patients can sit back and relax in our comfortable reclining chairs with Wi-Fi and TV to pass the time. A variety of complimentary beverages and snacks are offered to keep them fueled up during treatment .  We hope that our patients feel more comfortable, healthy and genuinely cared for. 

We're open extended evening and weekend hours by appointment so that our patients can receive their biologic therapies in a place and time that's comfortable and convenient.

​Our benefits specialist will coordinate provider referral documentation and insurance verification for each patient’s care plan to ensure the most expedient treatment process. Our physicians and staff are committed to providing our patients with exceptional care through personal attention and trusting relationships. 

Please call our Patient Care Team at 503.447.3285 to speak with our benefits coordinator about your benefits and next steps.


Our physicians, nurse practitioners and medical staff are committed to providing exceptional care.


For your comfort and convenience, we're open extended evening hours and weekends upon request. 


We offer private treatment rooms or social share spaces for our patients with spa-like amenities. 

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